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The Logistar 200.

All-electric light commercial vehicles for heavy loads.

The Logistar 200.

The all-electric Logistar has everything it takes to inspire in everyday business.

  • Up to 1,065 kg payload
  • Range up to 264 km WLTP (City)
  • Fast charging

The electric transporter with that certain something different - more compact dimensions than conventional transporters for a wide range of needs - available in various body styles.

So don't be afraid of electric mobility. The Logistar 200 comes with everything you need to get the job done.

Vehicle Specifications

  Logistar 200 Van Logistar 200 Cargo Logistar 200 Flatbed
Vehicle class: N1 N1 N1
Battery: LiFePO4 (41,9 kWh) LiFePO4 (41,9 kWh) LiFePO4 (41,9 kWh)
Speed max.: 80 km/h 80 km/h 80 km/h
Max. Range WLTP (Combined/City): 188 / 264 km 188 / 264 km 188 / 264 km
AC Charging: max. 3,5 kW; 0-100% 12h max. 3,5 kW; 0-100% 12h max. 3,5 kW; 0-100% 12h
DC Charging: max. 35 kW, 20-80%; < 45 min. max. 35 kW, 20-80%; < 45 min. max. 35 kW, 20-80%; < 45 min.
Motor power rating / Max.: 30 / 60 kW 30 / 60 kW 30 / 60 kW
Drive: Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive
Vehicle dimensions without mirrors (LxWxH): 4421 x 1620 x 1902 mm 4770 x 1640 x 2485 mm 4720 x 1640 x 1925 mm
Wheel base: 3050 mm 3050 mm 3050 mm
Cargo Volume: 4.7 m³ 6,9 m³ -
Permissible total weight: 2550 kg 2550 kg 2550 kg
Payload*: max. 1065 kg max. 1045 kg max. 1045 kg
CO2-Emissions: 0 g/km 0 g/km 0 g/km
Recommended Retail Price: from 26.395 €2 plus VAT from 27.768 €3 plus VAT from 25.861 €4 plus VAT

Standard features

15-inch steel wheel rims
Bluetooth® hands-free system
Storage trays
Driver display with additional information
Cup holder
10''-Multifunctional touchscreen
Park distance control
Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Electronic stability control (ESC)
Air conditioning
Rear view camera
Reverse warning system
Quick charge
  • Logistar 200 Van

    1,62 meters wide

  • Logistar 200 Van

    up to 264 km range WLTP (City)

  • Logistar 200 Van

    Sliding doors on each side

  • Logistar 200 Van

    4,7 qm load volume

  • Logistar 200 Van

    1065 kg payload


The column lift of the Logistar 200 is completely made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic composites, tailor made and ultra-light for maximum payload and range.

  • Unique on the Logistar 200 (never build before)
  • Large payload
  • Walls consist of a 20 mm Karhof CF HR (high resistance) thermoplastic composite
  • Headboard and roof consist of 25 mm thermoplastic composite
  • Lightweight self-supporting recyclable composite floor30 mm with anti-slip top layer
  • LED-lighting is placed at the rear right
  • Including: remote control with spiral cable, roll stops, platform lights and third brake light
  • We can create all variations at the Logistar 200 within these dimensions: rear doors, side door at different position, shutters etc.

Column Lift Specifications

Cargo box size (LxWxH): 2775x1860x2025 mm
Inner Cargo box size (LxWxH): 2537x1729x2000 mm
Cargo Volume: 8,77 m³
Payload: 920 kg
Doors: 1 side door in the middle of the side wall, 900 mm width
Column Lift: DHOLLANDIA Aluminium Column Lift (DHVOCS), 500 kg lifting capacity centred, 1600 mm

Logistar 200 with refrigerator

The refrigeration unit of the Logistar 200 Cooling is powered by an independent lithium ion battery and can be equipped with optional solar panels. The constant cooling performance is fully independent from the traction battery of the electric vehicle. The electric battery can easily be charged at any 230V-socket and at the same time the cargo box can be pre-cooled. Without moving parts inside the cooling unit maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.

Refrigerator Specifications

Temperature range freezing: -20 °C
Temperature range fresh services: up to +25 °C
External battery: Li-Ion (10kWh)
Charging time: 7 h (fast charging optional)
Long battery life: autonomy 6-8 h

We reserve the right to make technical changes and changes to the features. All information concerning the Cenntro products is correct at the time of publication. We tested the range of the Cenntro vehicles with different variables: different driving modes, with and without cargo, with and without electrical load, and different temperatures and weather conditions on private premises. Some illustrations feature special equipment.

* Incl. driver (75 kg). The payload depends on the equipment of the vehicle and the superstructure. The permissible total weight must not be exceeded.

** Cenntro Logistar 200: Range: up to 188-264 km (WLTP); Electricity consumption combined: 16.1 kWh/100 km [1]; CO2 emissions: 0 g/km [1].

2 Non-binding recommended retail price of Cenntro Electric Group Europe GmbH for the electric transporter Logistar 200 Van plus VAT and plus transfer costs.

3 Non-binding recommended retail price of Cenntro Electric Group Europe GmbH for the electric transporter Logistar 200 cargo plus VAT and plus transfer costs.

4 Non-binding recommended retail price of Cenntro Electric Group Europe GmbH for the electric transporter Logistar 200 flatbed plus VAT and plus transfer costs.

[1] Deviations from the certified standard values may occur in actual driving operation. The real values depend on various factors, e.g. individual driving style, weather conditions, temperature and route conditions. For the Logistar models, the field-tested range was tested in different driving modes, with/without load, with/without consumer and different temperatures and weather conditions. Illustrations show optional equipment. Changes and errors are expressly reserved.