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The electric Cenntro Logistar 200 van is the 2023 winner in the "Price-Payload Ratio" category

created by Harald Gutzelnig | electricar |

The automotive industry is increasingly focusing on electromobility, and this trend extends not only to passenger cars, but also to commercial vehicles such as vans and vans. The Cenntro Logistar 200 Van is "Price-Payload Ratio Winner 2023".

The advantages of electromobility are manifold in this segment too. Electric vans produce no emissions on site, which not only helps to improve air quality but also significantly reduces a company's carbon footprint. They also offer lower operating costs compared to conventionally powered models, as electricity is usually cheaper than gasoline or diesel. Another advantage is the reduced maintenance costs due to the simpler drivetrain.

According to current statistics, electric commercial vehicles are seeing a remarkable increase in new registrations, which indicates the growing interest of companies in environmentally friendly and cost-efficient fleet solutions.
Great potential

EU registrations of electrically rechargeable vans rose by 42.5 percent in the previous year - in Germany by around 41 percent. The market share is now 5.3 percent compared to three percent in 2021. However, diesel-powered vans are still dominant with 86 percent. So there is still plenty of room for electric vans to grow. electricar presents you with a market overview of all vans in the N1 category, i.e. those vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons that can be driven with a category B driving license. In addition, there are the so-called vans and minibuses, such as the ID.Buzz, which are also becoming increasingly popular.

We have selected only the cheapest and least expensive version of each model. There are around 20 versions of the Peugeot Expert alone, which have the same engine and battery, but differ in height, length, gross vehicle weight and a few other details. However, we have taken into account model variants regarding engine performance or battery capacity.
Electric vans

When it comes to electric vans, it is less about the range and more about the payload, i.e. the weight that can be loaded. This ranking is led by the Fiat E-Ducato in the L2H1 version with a payload of 1,160 kg, followed by the Maxus eDeliver 9 L2H2 52kWh (1,125 kg) and the Opel Movano Electric L1H1 (1,080 kg). These three models range in price from around 66,000 to 69,000 euros. The Logistar 200 electric van from Cenntro is significantly cheaper, costing just €30,768 net or €36,614 gross (note from Cenntro: the current RRP for the Cenntro Logistar 200 van is €26,395 net or €31,410 gross). If you consider the purchase price per kilogram of payload, then the Cenntro Logistar 200 Transporter comes out on top at 34.38 euros, as its maximum payload is 1,065 kg. Finally, we combined range, payload and engine power and weighted the individual values differently: Payload 50%, engine power 30%, range 20%. For each individual category, the values were ranked on a scale from 40% (insufficient) to 100% (excellent).

Price-Payload Ratio

This ratio results from the calculation of the price per kg payload. Here, the Logistar 200 from Cenntro comes out on top.

(Note Cenntro: The list prices were incorrectly displayed by electricar and have been corrected to the correct value below without affecting the result. Cenntro values in brackets).

​1. Place

2. Place

3. Place


Logistar 200 Van


Logistar 100


Proace Basis L1

List price (incl. VAT)

30.768 € (31.410 €)

List price (incl. VAT)

16.999 € (16.659 €)

​List price (incl. VAT)

41.948 €


1.065 kg


525 kg


1.001 kg

Price per kg payload           

28,89 € (29,49 €)

​Price per kg payload         

32,38 € (31,73 €)

​Price per kg payload

41,91 €


Excellent 100%


Outstanding 96,4%


Very good 86,5%

How we tested

In addition to the price per kg of payload, we also took into account the price/range ratio and the price/engine power ratio and weighted them as follows: Payload 50%, engine power 30%, range 20%.


There is a large selection of transports. With the exception of the Maxus e-Deliver 9 and the ID.Buzz from VW, which each offer 150 kW, all the others come with around 100 kW (136 hp) of motor power. The absolute winner in terms of range is the cargo version of the ID.Buzz with 421 km and the Fiat E-Ducato is ahead in terms of payload. If you put all the values in relation to the price and combine them, then the Logistar 200 van from Cenntro has the best price-performance ratio.



This is an excerpt from the test report "These vans and vans are already emission-free on the road today" from electricar magazine issue October/November 2023. The data was researched by electricar. Cenntro assumes no liability for the accuracy of the data used by electricar.
Source: electricar magazine issue October/November 2023
Image source: electricar