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Simply have electricity delivered: Unusual delivery service for e-cars planned

created by Christian Lutz, |

Electricity instead of pizza: A Stuttgart start-up is planning to introduce a mobile charging service next year. This is to complement the network of already existing charging stations from other providers and to facilitate the search for a free charging station for drivers of e-cars.

Traveling in Germany with an e-car often involves searching for the next free charging station and the shortest possible waiting time. While you know your way around at home or on your daily commute to work and know the various locations of charging stations, it's a different story when you're on the road or in a new city. This is where two engineers want to remedy the situation and, starting next year, simply deliver the electricity to your e-car. The service, called "eTree," is intended to be called to places where drivers of electric cars spend long periods of time anyway but where a charging station is not always available, such as when visiting a restaurant, a soccer stadium or during a meeting with a business customer.

This is how the mobile charging service should work
Here you could then call a mobile charging vehicle via app and charge your e-car from its battery. The delivery service needs your location and the time window for charging. According to eTree, the app should also be able to open the charging hatch of your vehicle. The charging process can also be tracked on your smartphone. Since the mobile chargepoint runs on direct current and a maximum charging power of 180 kilowatts, the electric car's battery should be full again after half an hour at the latest. The eTree vehicle itself is of course also an electric car and is equipped with the appropriate technology by the lightweight construction specialist Kussmaul from Weinstadt. The basis is the electric van Able from Tropos-Motors in Herten [Editor's note Tropos Motors Europe: Herne]. The battery capacity of the small panel van is 200 kWh in the current model.

Business model and prices
At the moment, the system of charging vehicle and app are still under development, but eTree's service is scheduled to launch in Germany next spring. According to the company, a fleet of 100 vehicles is needed for the first phase of operations to ensure nationwide availability. Therefore, according to the inventors, cab companies, energy providers, automobile clubs or towing services are to be won as franchise partners. For potential customers, eTree is currently working out various price and subscription models. Cooperation with manufacturers of electric cars would also be possible. The electricity costs for the charging process should remain within reasonable limits and not cost more on average than at a stationary fast-charging station.

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Author: Christian Lutz
Image: eTree Mobility