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Cenntro offers a hygienic lining for its electric utility vehicles

Cenntro’s electric utility vehicles can now be ordered with the “Trans-Clean®” lining for food made by the specialist company, Goliath Trans-Lining. The lining meets the DIN EN standards for food hygiene and the HACCP standards for transporting food; as a result, companies can transport food safely and without causing any local emissions with each Cenntro electric transport vehicle.

Following the refrigerated bodies for the Metro and Logistar 200 models, Cenntro is now bringing a second product on to the market, which meets the special high standards of the food sector. The fully electric vehicles not only guarantee emission-free transport operations, but the hygienic lining also complies with the stipulations in EU Regulation 852/2004 covering food hygiene. The one-piece lining in the loading area with rounded corners makes the unit quick and easy to clean. The lining is also shock-resistant and abrasion-proof and offers plenty of space in the cargo area for different transport solutions for bakeries, butchers, catering firms, fresh food deliveries, public institutions as well as other individual fields of application in food logistics.

“Trans-Clean®” guarantees food safety during transportation and is the only cargo space lining to have been recommended by the Federal Association of Food Controllers Germany (BVLK). The hygienic lining made by Goliath Trans-Lining can be used on all the available Cenntro vehicle models. Thanks to its low weight, it does not have any notable impact on the electric utility vehicle’s operating range.

Cenntro to attend the Last Mile City Logistics Conference 2023

Cenntro is presenting its wide range of electric utility vehicles and cargo bikes at the Last Mile City Logistics Conference (LMCL) in Berlin on 28 and 29 June. Ranging from its Antric cargo bike to its Metro light utility vehicle, including the brand-new “long” version, the compact Logistar 100 city van, the Logistar 200 van with its hygienic lining, the Logistar 200 with a tail lift and the Logistar 260, interested parties will be able to try out a wide variety of mobility solutions for short and medium distances. A video on Youtube is also available with english subtitles: https://youtu.be/uWLNXejJVi8


About Cenntro Europe

Cenntro offers a wide range of electric utility vehicles and cargo bikes for urban areas, rural regions and inner-city traffic – and for almost any purpose – whether for towns and local authorities, delivery services, courier, express and package delivery companies, last mile operations, the food retail sector, gardening and landscaping, tourism, industry and intralogistics, leisure parks or zoos. The electric utility vehicles, which produce no local emissions, can easily replace vehicles that use internal combustion engines on short and medium-haul routes. Driving change together. #DrivingTheZeroMission with electric utility vehicles from Cenntro.