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A new cargo bike from Antric for the global market

• More compact dimensions: less than 1 m wide and less than 2 m high

• A higher payload capacity without any changes to the cargo space concept

• New equipment and improvements in operating costs, riding comfort, weather protection etc.

• Sales start immediately. First deliveries probably available at the end of November

Bochum (Germany), 24 October 2023 – Antric GmbH has introduced its new cargo bike. The Antric EVO_1 from the cargo bike manufacturer based in Bochum has been completely redesigned and is geared towards international markets too. While the familiar fundamental strengths of the Antric cargo bike have been retained, the company has made further improvements to the riding and operating comfort and introduced some essential new features. The EVO_1 is therefore consistently geared towards its role model in the animal world – the ant: small, robust and with a high payload capacity.

The new Antric EVO_1 takes over the unique avantgarde design of its predecessor model, the Antric One, with its fully integrated rider’s cab made of weatherproof and waterproof softshell fabric. However, the company is clearly demonstrating its focus on global markets and their regulations with its new cargo bike. As a result, the new load-carrying bike travels along cycle paths and roads or through underground garages, buildings or underpasses with much more compact dimensions. The Antric EVO_1 is now 999 mm wide (181 mm less than the previous model), 1,951 mm high (69 mm less) and 2,983 mm long. This further improves its user-friendliness and it is possible to use the cargo bike in an even wider range of applications. 

The electrification of fleets will alter the business model for logistics specialists, food companies, facility management firms, tradesmen’s companies and even the leisure sector and provide opportunities for competitive advantages at several levels. It is important for more and more customers and consumers, towns and local communities to know that services are being provided without generating any CO2 emissions through the use of electrically powered vehicles and cargo bikes. The Antric cargo bike offers a compact solution here to keep up with the competition. 

Robust, high-powered and rider-friendly

The 4-wheel concept used for the Antric cargo bike provides a very high level of riding stability, a high degree of tilt resistance and excellent comfort through the suspension. The EVO_1 is equally slimline in its dimensions at the front and at the rear and this gives riders safety when manoeuvring through narrow places. The load-bearing parts of the Antric cargo bike do not come from the bicycle industry, but from the automotive sector and have been specially designed to handle the permissible total weight and the requirements of the Antric cargo bike. Antric’s spacious cargo area concept has been retained, despite the much more compact outer dimensions. The cargo capacity is 2.2 m3 and the payload has been increased to 291 kg. There are almost no changes to the inner dimensions of the bodywork, so that it is possible to load one Euro pallet or two normal commercial roll cage trolleys on board without any problems.

The Antric EVO_1 has two plug-in locations for super pack, long-life rechargeable batteries, each providing charge of 1.44 kWh; this offers a range of 50 km. The rechargeable batteries, which are accommodated in a lockable and weather-protected plug-in compartment, can be replaced in a matter of seconds. The EVO_1 is normally equipped with one super pack, long-life rechargeable battery. The batteries are based on the lithium iron phosphate cell technology (LiFePO4), do not contain any cobalt and have a long serviceable life (at least 3,000 charging cycles).

Prices and availability

Customers can place orders for the new Antric EVO_1 immediately. The first deliveries are due to be supplied from the end of November onwards. The recommended retail price will not change in comparison with the predecessor model, despite higher raw material prices on the international markets, and will start at EUR 20,274 net plus VAT and plus transport costs; this applies to the Antric EVO_1 with a box body and includes one replacement rechargeable battery and a charging unit.



Technical details

The new EVO_1 has a chassis with full independent suspension and 16-inch high-performance wheels from the automobile industry, which have been specially manufactured for Antric, so that it is possible to transport the goods and items with great ease.

This benefits the riders too. When combined with the comfortable, breathable seat instead of a saddle, the new pedal crank, which can be adjusted to five different positions, and the ergonomically-designed pedals and handlebar grips, the new EVO_1 reduces the effort required from the riders during their work.

The new parking brake is also convenient and operates efficiently. It is located directly in the pedal crank and forms an integral part of the rider’s working process. The brake is activated by stepping on the brake pedal and is released again in the same way.

The new rider’s information display contains several types of information, such as the mileage, the riding mode, the speed and the battery charge level as well as having various warning lights. When moving backwards, it also acts as a reversing monitor and highlights any objects behind the cargo bike using a rear-view camera.

Weather protection and rider comfort

Just like its predecessor, the EVO_1 has fully fledged weather protection made of waterproof softshell fabric. As a standard feature, the mounting and alighting point is also located on the side located away from the flow of traffic. If required and without any extra price, the Antric EVO_1 can be ordered with access on both sides. The side windows have been drawn in further to give the rider even better protection from wet weather. The floor has been provided with an anti-slip base for the rider’s safety and it is almost completely enclosed for the best possible weather protection and protection from items on roads and pathways.  

The Antric EVO_1 has a 5-stage, electric assisted pedalling system up to 25 km/h and a purely electric system to facilitate manoeuvring both forwards and backwards at speeds of up to 6 km/h. A rear-view camera provides good vision to the rear and it also monitors the rear door when the bike is stationary.

The Antric is unlocked and locked again using a keyless entry system. The side doors are also opened using RFID technology. The side doors are unlocked using two push buttons. Green circular edging signifies whether the doors have been unlocked or not. If the rider moves away from the bike, the doors lock automatically. 

Profitability and sustainability

Many factors play a role if a cargo bike is going to be operated in a cost-effective manner – and they include the operating costs too. Antric cargo bikes have been designed in such a way that the parts on the vehicle can be replaced easily and no full, end-to-end parts have been used in the areas that are susceptible during accidents. This reduces the costs during repair work and saves the environment, as it is then only necessary to replace individual parts in the subassembly.

The EVO_1 also has integrated impact protection at the front and on the sides to further reduce any damage during everyday operations; this protects the safety-related parts, such as the axles, shock absorbers, electronics, chassis, bodywork or motor, from suffering any damage.